• Community  • Family Friendly  • Confidence  • Passion  • Fun  • With a Pinch of Stardust....

At Starlets SA we believe that the love of performance begins with creativity and confidence! Our little starlets begin their journey through movement, personal development and learning to follow instruction. We introduce technique and performance to magic and whimsy, inspiring our little starlets to pursue their passion.

As our Starlets grow, so to does their opportunity for self-expression and performance. We offer an array of
classes to allow each Starlet to follow their passion, whether that be in acting, singing or dancing. Our students are always encouraged and supported through their own journey of performing arts, starting from our youngest stars of 2, all the way through to our very talented group of older performers up to 17 years of age.

Starlets also creates opportunities for professional performance. Our
Enchanted Island shows, conceptualised, written and brought to life by our very own creator Miss Julie-anne, are fantastic and interactive childrens shows great for school holiday entertainment. The cast of our Enchanted Island shows feature some of our very own and talented staff members, and also welcomes auditions from other fellow arts lovers, creating performance opportunities for everyone. We also have our Starlets Showteam which is our over 18's group of elite performers chosen to represent Starlets SA at corporate and community events.

Here at Starlets SA, our team are constantly looking for opportunities for both our students and our professional performance teams to perform and shine, as well as being apart of our mid and end of year showtimes, whether their talent be in singing, acting, dance, musical theatre or acrobatics.  

Child Safe Environments Policies and Procedures

Once upon a time
a fairy had a dream
bringing love, dance and happiness
her name was Miss Julie-anne Green. 
With Starlets beginning age 2, and theatre stars age 4
we work on confidence, listening and movement, along with much much more.

Inspiring imagination by developing a basis of trust, 
our classes would not be complete without a pinch of stardust!​

• Community  • Family Friendly  • Confidence  • Passion  • Fun  • With a Pinch of Stardust....

The Starlets SA Vision