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Starlets Showteam is our talented troupe of performers specifically chosen to represent Starlets SA as a complete performance package. Each of our troupe members has years of experience in their chosen discipline and a genuine passion for performance and entertainment. Coordinated by Starlets SA's own creative director, founder and inspiration Miss Julie-anne Green (who on her own has over 20 years experience as a trained, professional performer and teacher), Starlets Showteam is a versatile, dynamic group of performers who embrace and embody each opportunity and event. 

Beginning as the cast of Miss Julie-anne's very own 'Clash of the Enchanted Island', the troupe has grown to include the cast of the sequel Enchanted Island show; 'Return to Enchanted Island', as well as the most recent; 'The Witch of Enchanted Island'. As we continue to expand our numbers we are also expanding our repertoire to include Cabaret shows, mature plays and musicals and contracted performances for events and festivals.

Contact us at starletssa@gmail.com for more information regarding future performances, audition opportunities, and an entertainment option for your next event!

Starlets Showteam