​Students are invited to participate in our

STARLETS SHOWTIME held at the Hopgood Theatre on
Saturday 13th July 2019. There will be two shows held

this day; the MORNING SHOW at 9:30am and the





Starlets Showtime will also include party dances, teacher performances and interactive games. It is an entertainment show for all the family and a great time is always a guarantee. We love being able to see all of our stars and starlets shine on stage and encourage everyone to join in with our shows, however it is not compulsory to do so.

The majority of participation slips have now been returned. If you haven’t let your class teacher know if your child will/will not be participating or if your circumstances change please inform us immediately.

The show is set informally with students brought onto the stage one group at a time but can return to their places afterwards to enjoy the remainder of the show. Students in numerous routines may spend more time backstage.

Teachers will be on stage for the younger classes, so the students can easily follow routines.

There will be volunteers placed on either side and in front of the stage area to support the students and ensure their safety. Volunteers will also be seated with each age group. If further support is required from a parent/guardian, a volunteer will seek you out.

FOR THE MORNING SHOW ONLY à Students can also sit with their families following their performance if they would prefer but if you wish them to sit next to you a ticket will need to be purchased and you MUST still sign them out at the end of the show.

Please note no audience members are allowed to sit or stand in the aisles during the show and will be asked by theatre staff to return to their seats if seen doing so.

To ensure the show is run as smoothly and safely as possible we do require some volunteers (parents and others). If you feel you could volunteer at Showtime, or know of someone who would be interested, please email Miss Julie-anne asap. All volunteers will receive a discount off their Term 3 2019 fees and free admission to the event.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW from the Hopgood Theatre

www.hopgoodtheatre.com.au or phone /counter 7009 4400.
$19.00 per person
$6.00 under 17s
Transaction fees apply. 

Please ensure you book tickets for the correct show. The Morning Showtime is @ 9.30am and the Afternoon Showtime is @ 2.30pm. If you are in doubt which show your child is participating in please check with the class teacher. No ticket booking is required for Starlets SA students participating in the shows.

Showtime Additional Rehearsals
We do have an additional afternoon of Rehearsals to be held at the Arts Centre for our older students. This will be held on Thursday 11th July. Further details announced in the upcoming weeks. 



The Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga

An Oscar themed event showcasing our Acting,

Musical Theatre and Singing students.

 The evening includes premieres of movies created by

the Acting Classes, as well as performances from all of

our Private Singing students and Musical Theatre classes.

It is sure to be a night of glamour, magic and of course fun!

Ticket sales open on Friday 21st June online, booking details announced in the upcoming weeks.
Students that are participating in the show do not require a ticket as they will have FREE ENTRY

*Discounted tickets are available for families who have children performing in both the Morning Showtime and the Afternoon Showtime and or Showtime and Stars on Screen. Please contact Miss Julie-anne for further information*

Costume information for ALL shows will be included in our upcoming Costume sheet which will be emailed to all families.

If anybody has any questions regarding our upcoming shows, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!


That's right, it's that time of year again! the time of year where we get to see our Stars and Starlets shine on stage and on screen in both our Showtimes and our Stars On Screen shows! Please read the information below, along with our current newsletters, so that you can feel confident and prepared in the lead up to such exciting times!

please also note our end-of-year showtime date:

Sunday 22nd December 

Keep an eye on this space for important updates about our 2019 shows!

AFTERNOON SHOW (click here for specific info):
5-6 Ballet/Jazz (Miss Maggie)
Junior Ballet/Jazz (Miss Maggie)
Intermediate Ballet/Jazz (Miss Maggie)
Senior Allstars (Miss Maggie)
Mini Acro Stars (Miss Murphy)
Junior Acro Stars (Miss Murphy)
Intermedite Acro Stars (Miss Murphy)
Mini Hip Hop (Miss Jaimie)
Junior Hip Hop (Miss Jaimie)

MORNING SHOW (click here for specific info):
2-3 ballet/jazz (Miss Julieanne)
3-4 ballet/jazz (Miss Julieanne)
4+ ballet/jazz (Miss Julieanne)
4-5 ballet/jazz (Miss Jaimie)
Theatre Stars (Miss Jaimie and Miss Evie)
Dance Stars (Miss Jaimie)
Jigging Stars (Miss Kate)

Contact us at: starletssa@gmail.com