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Our 2020 Showtime's will be held at the Hopgood Theatre and the dates are as follows:


END OF YEAR - Friday 18th December


These shows are split into two shows across each day - a Morning Showtime and an Afternoon Showtime. They will be for the following classes:



• 3-4 Ballet/Jazz (Miss Julieanne)

• 4+ Ballet/Jazz (Miss Julieanne)

• 4-5 Ballet/Jazz (Miss Jaimie)

• 5-6 Ballet/Jazz (Miss Jaimie)



• Junior Ballet/Jazz (Miss Kaya)

• Intermediate Ballet/Jazz (Miss Kaya)

• Junior Contemporary (Miss Kaya)

• Intermediate Contemporary (Miss Kaya)

• Mini Acro (Miss Kaya)

• Junior Acro (Miss Kaya)

• Intermediate Acro (Miss Kaya)

• Mini Hip Hop (Miss Jaimie)

• Junior Hip Hop (Miss Jaimie)

• Intermediate Hip Hop (Miss Jaimie)


Due to current circumstances there will be a limited audience number allowance. Tickets will go on sale next month and we will be able to confirm beforehand the limit of tickets per student.

Further details regarding arrival times, tickets and costume information will be posted and emailed in the upcoming weeks.

Please note there are no costume costs involved. We may ask for small items from home but nothing that will involve a high cost.

Our 2-3 Ballet/Jazz classes (Miss Julieanne) will have their own show on Saturday 19th December at 10:00am in the Performance Space at The Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga (the same building our classes are held). Tickets will also be limited for this show due to the number allowance for this space.


Participation in our shows are non-compulsory, however we would greatly appreciate you letting us know if your child will/will not be taking part by filling out the form to the right ASAP.

Download our Showtime Rehearsal Schedule​


2020 Show Dates

Our 2020 Junior/Senior Acting, Junior Musical Theatre and Musical Stars classes, as well as our Private Singing students will be filming their work for Term 3 and Term 4. These videos will be available at the end of the year.

Keep an eye on this space for important updates about our 2020 shows!

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