Musical Stars:
Currently directed at our 3 and 4 year old students, Musical Stars incorporates singing, tap dancing and acting for a well rounded introduction to performing arts. Musical Stars offers a strong foundation of knowledge in tap technique, singing projection and confidence in acting. *CLASS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE*

Theatre Stars: 

Theatre stars is a class offered to students aged 4-6. In these classes students learn the foundations of singing, dancing and acting. Our entire class is structured around a minor production for the end of each term. The kids learn a song – along with warm up and vocal performance techniques, a dance – focussing on performance energy and story depiction, and a script. The script component offers the opportunity to try acting in an informal, stress-free environment. We workshop comprehension of the lines and how to present them, using fun activities to help hone these skills. This is all in a fun, non-competitive and nurturing environment. 

Jigging Stars:

Do you have a little Emma wiggle in your household? Come and join Jigging stars. An Irish inspired dance class where your child will learn to skip and jump to Irish tunes and learn technique while have lots of Jigging fun!

Acro Stars:

For the Starlets that would rather walk on their hands than their feet, we have ACRO STARS. 
The class is an introduction to flexibility, strength, balance and acrobatic dance. We roll, leap, bend and flip our way through fantastic and fun-filled adventures. For those that prefer to be upside down, this class will seem the right way round!

Private Singing Lessons:

If your starlet has ever been caught singing in the shower, along to the radio in the car, into a hairbrush in their bedroom or just belting out a couple of lines whenever they feel like it then private singing lessons is the right choice for them. Learning various vocal techniques in a fun environment, this gives your child a chance to further their passion for singing whilst discovering all of the amazing things their voice can do. Students are also given an opportunity to sing their favourite songs, not just at family gatherings when they decide to put on impromptu shows for you, but also in front of an audience in a fun but semi-professional scenario when they feel confident to do so.

A class for our youngest starlets: 2/3 years of age. We open up a magical world by exploring our imaginations; allowing our starlets to focus on self-expression, whilst learning basic movements and technique. These classes allow our dancers to begin balance work and increase proprioceptive skills in a nurturing environment. Most of all we aim to develop confidence and friendships. 

These classes then progress through the different age groups, with classes from 3 to 17 years of age (please refer to timetable for age specific classes). We aim to continue this imaginative approach whilst introducing a more formal focus on both ballet and jazz technique. In these classes our starlets also begin to listen and move to music of various tempos, remember choreography and begin learning the necessary skills for performance. The classes remain whimsical with a strong emphasis on confidence and collaboration. Our senior dance class then explores other dance genres, such as contemporary, to give them a vast knowledge of various dance types.

Hip Hop:

If you want to practice your pout and get your gangsta on then this is the class for you! Combining the hottest new moves with the old school, this class allows students to work on their technique well getting funky and having some fun. Come and get your cool on with us and cheer on your friends in a fun and carefree environment.

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Musical Theatre:

Like Annie and Oliver, kids and musicals theatre go hand in hand. In this class, students will learn all three elements of musical theatre; dance, acting and singing simultaneously in a musical extravaganza. Students will work on musical numbers from well known and not so well known musicals, growing in confidence and ability across all three major areas. Students will learn new techniques for group vocal work and individual vocal work whilst working on basic and more complex movement all whilst acting through characters emotions. It's sure to be one heck of a ride!

​Initially this class allows newbies and young performers a chance to learn basic skills in acting. From tableux work to stage work, students will experience a wide variety of acting through various forms, looking at what a character is and how to portray emotion through numerous contexts. Then moving beyond the basics,  students learn to grapple with real emotions and reactions and how they can be replicated through performance. The actors work with empathy, engaging with their own sense of body and allowing the portrayals of different character types through stage and film work.