Show Dates


Due to circumstances out of our control, unfortunately our Mid Year shows have been cancelled. We appreciate your understanding.


 • Showtime - Friday 18th December

• Acting/Musical Theatre Show - TBC

​• Singing Show - TBC


Term Dates

Term 1 = STARTS Monday 3rd February, ENDS Thursday 9th April

Term 2 = STARTS Monday 27th April, ENDS Saturday 4th July *ONLINE*

Term 3 = STARTS Monday 20th July, ENDS Saturday 26th September

Term 4 = STARTS Monday 12th October, ENDS Saturday 12th December

Public Holidays Dates

Term 1 = Monday 9th March, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th April

Term 2 = Monday 8th June, 

Term 3 = NIL

Term 4 = NIL

Please be sure to put these dates in your calendars and diaries!

Presentation Week

Term 1 = Friday 3rd April - Thursday 9th April *CANCELLED*

Term 2 = Monday 29th June -  Saturday 4th July *ONLINE/VIDEO*

Term 3 = Monday 21st September - Saturday 26th September

Term 4 = Monday 7th December - Saturday 12th December

During presentation week, parents/caregivers/family/friends are invited into class to watch multiple aspects of their child/ren's class such as routine and technique. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents in an intimate and pressure free environment. It is also perfect for families to see their child/ren's work if they aren't performing in our Mid or End Of Year shows. 

2020 Important Dates

2020 Important Dates

• Community  • Family Friendly  • Confidence  • Passion  • Fun  • With a Pinch of Stardust....